Goodbye Apartment

Oh man. I honestly never thought this would happen…but guys…We are about to sign closing papers on a house. In less than 3 weeks, We’re going to own a home. I can paint, change the pull things in the kitchen, upgrade the appliances..or keep the old ones! It’s our choice!

I’m aware that home ownership has it’s own set of problems…but at least they’ll be my problems, fair and square! I look around my little apartment and as happy as I am to be leaving it, it makes me a little sad.

I mean…it took me 2 years to finally hang curtains. Make a gallery wall. Actually make my house look cute instead of like a college kids dorm. This is where I planned my wedding and made the decorations with my mom. Where I made 8 dozen cookies the week of the wedding. (I have no idea why I didn’t stop and ask for help, but that’s in the past. 🙂 )

Soon I’ll be painting my kitchen-we already picked out the paint colors! I’ll be picking cute curtains and yanking out old wallpaper. The extra bedroom will be an office, and the master has 2 closets…2 for me, none for him… Just kidding! I might actually share.

But, here we go! A new phase in life, and a new set of opportunities. I can’t wait!



21 day fix and other things

Here we go….did you know that between thanksgiving and christmas the average person gains 10-15 pounds? That’s insane.  And for someone like me who has a few (ahem, 40) to lose that’s unacceptable.
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Brazil Meets America!

This is a very special blog post, and I am so excited to share this! My lovely sister from Brazil meets America has agreed to let me interview her. I will say the conversation went something like this. “Hey, Becca, write a post for my blog?”
“But I don’t plan my meals and I’m moving!”
“Hey, let’s interview each other!!!!”

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