Spring into Summer Reading!

It’s finally spring! I actually wrote this first draft sitting outside on my porch in between entering grades.


It was still cold! I was in sweats and slippers


Man, I love the view from my balcony.

When we moved in, we couldn’t use our little balcony area. It had this horrid green astro turf that the previous owner had let their pet piddle on. It also was moldy and plain old gross. We were at Ikea and saw this amazing tile. It is plastic and snaps together. We rolled up the green grossness, and started laying down the tiles.


The grossness is rolled away, and the tiles are going down


Tada! We finished laying them, and now we have chairs, too!

I love my job. I am so excited when my kids have an “Aha!” moment and finally understand what I’ve been teaching. But sometimes…it takes alot of work on both our sides (and mom and dad’s) to reach that. It can be draining, but trust me, it’s so worth it. Lately I’ve taken to watching teacher Vlogs while I grade because it’s something outside my immediate bubble that I can learn from. The Lettered Classroom on YouTube is amazing, as is Teachers Learn 2. I love seeing a super organized class, but also seeing the unorganized one. I aim for the organized one, but it generally fails. At least we all know where stuff is in my class. (except the glue sticks. No clue why they don’t seem to notice they’re ALWAYS by the pencils. Selective eye sight? Pencil Tunnel Vision? Seriously, it’s an epidemic.)

I decided to offer my kids a summer reading challenge, with an ice cream party at the end. I’m kind of excited to be looking ahead to next year.  If you want to see the book list/tentative parent letter, click here. It is still being worked on, but I’m definitely using that list! This isn’t your typical list. It doesn’t have a single book title. Some choices include: a book that was published the year you were born, a book from the bottom shelf of a library, and a book whose author has the name first or last name as you. Don’t those sound so fun?

The main reason I’m offering this, is to attempt to deepen their desire to read. Reading is vital to learning.  I shudder to think about what would happen if some of my kids didn’t open a book all summer. Yikes!

I know there are no recipes in this…but that’s mainly because I have barely had time to cook, much less take pictures. 😉





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