Pork Chops and a Birthday Dinner

When we were little, mom would make what we wanted for dinner on our birthday. Man, if it was your birthday you could even ask for fried chicken and it would appear. (I am so not going to be that kind to my children.) Aaaaaaand, you didn’t have to do the dishes. Now that I’m a grown up and all married and everything, I am the one cooking. My inlaws were awesome and made ribs yesterday, which made it harder to get back into my cooking mode after thanksgiving. (Side note: if you ever meet my father in law and he says, hey I made some ribs, just shout yes and start sprinting toward his house. Hes a phenomenal griller!) I tried very hard to talk myself into going  out to eat for a decadent dinner of sorts (since it is my birthday), but my healthyish self said no. So I dragged myself into the grocery store to get dinner fixings. I managed to forget my wallet and my husband had to come rescue me! I did score a deal on meat, which made it worth the trip.
I got home and rummaged through the fridge. In my slow cooker, I threw together this tasty concoction of well seasoned boneless pork chops and carrots. I’ll heat up some homemade rolls I made for the hubs and make myself polenta.

Seasoned pork chops with carrots
Boneless pork chops
2 large carrots, sliced
Herbs de provance
Garlic cloves, crushed
Onion powder
Black pepper
Bullion cube
Hot water

In your slow cooker aka miracle worker, layer the carrots on the bottom, then add the meat on top.  Dissolve the bullion cube in 2 cups of hot water. While it dossolves, generously sprinkle the salt, pepper, onion powder, herbes de provance, and the garlic cloves. I used 4 small cloves, but typically I only use 2. My garlic was older. Pour the hot water mixture over all. Cook on low for 6-7 hours or on high for 3-4.

This was also 21dayfix friendly, just in case you were wondering!


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