21dayfix day 8 and banana cake

Well, here I am. 8 days in with a small review.
1. I hurt! These workouts are killer, man. But hey…that what I need. My legs have not been this sore in a very long time. (Probably since I went on an extremely long hike after which the apartment stairs were enough to reduce me to tears.)For the first 3 days moving was hard.  But my legs got  used to it,  and I see a difference in my strength in my legs and core.


2. If you aren’t willing to prep, don’t bother starting. I’m not kidding. Coordinating meals out of containers and making sure you eat the right ones takes a little bit of effort. It took me 10 minutes tonight to chop up my veggies and fruit and season them. It’s not hard, just takes some effort.

3. I have tried new recipes! While on a diet! Wohoo! I made sweet potato pancakes, tacos, and several stir fries. I’m far from being hungry. You get a ton of food.


Homemade pico de gallo on open faced sandwich


Salad with pico, corn, chicken, and some vinegar

And 4…..I miss baking! For thanksgiving I used a cheat day because hey….dessert anyone? Per my husband’s  request I made a banana poke cake. It was delicious and insanely easy.  The best part was poking holes in the cake with a chopstick.


Banana pudding poke cake
Yellow cake
Banana pudding
2 bananas
Cool whip

Make the cake according to the directions. Let it.cool slightly. Using a rounded object, poke holes in the cake all over. Remember, the goal is to have the pudding sink in. When the cake has cooled, top with banana pudding prepared according to the instructions. Top with sliced bananas. Spread cool whip over the top. If desired, sprinkle ith crushed nilla wafers. See! Easy peasy. Now go forth and banana cake!


This was the onlympictire I got of my finished cake. I was hosting thanksgiving and was a wee bit busy!


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