21 day fix and other things

Here we go….did you know that between thanksgiving and christmas the average person gains 10-15 pounds? That’s insane.  And for someone like me who has a few (ahem, 40) to lose that’s unacceptable.

So I’m not going to. I’ve tried counting calories and measuring portions, but I always fail around Christmas. I’ve been watching the 21 day fix results some of my friends have had (I’m talking to you, Kimmie!) She started it 8 weeks postpartum,  and she looks great! Wouldn’t even guess her baby is under 6 months old. If my college roommate can do it….I can too!


This so describes me and workouts

A huge factor in starting the program is also SAD, seasonal affective disorder. Lack of sunshine in the winter means not enough vitamin D, and that can lead to depression. I never believed it was a “thing” until it happened to me. And because I denied SAD or depression in general could happen to me, I let it go 2 years. I ended up so far gone I needed meds to be able to do anything besides sleep and cry. I was able to wean myself off of the medicine a year and a half before my doctor said I could. But that also means I have to actively monitor my physical, spiritual, and emotional state. Prevention of sad includes proper nutrition, proper sleep cycles, vitamin d, and exercise. A large part for me is my Bible reading and prayer.


Someone posted this verse, and then I ended up reading it in my devotions that same week. It's so true. I need to take care of the body I have been given

If I begin to focus on myself and not on my Savior….self centeredness creeps in, along with depression. This 21 day fix will definitely help with the physical side!

So here’s to losing weight. To looking good. To being healthy. To workouts that make you feel all your muscles. And to sending SAD on a long walk down a short pier. 🙂

What about you? Have you had dealing with SAD? How do YOU handle it?


2 thoughts on “21 day fix and other things

  1. Best of luck with your goal, it sounds lol you are on your way to reaching it. I also am adjusting how and what I eat as I refuse to gain weight this holiday season. I actually love the cooler temps and am in a better mood in the fall and winter than in the summer. I dislike heat and never much cared to be out in the sun.

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