Thrifty Thursday #6


I have alot of clothes. I love shopping, and I hate giving stuff away. Before I started budgeting (thank you Dave Ramsey and Total Money Makeover), I would just go shopping and put it on the credit card. I would buy things thinking I would like it better at home…and the answer was usually a no.
That my friends….is how I got this skirt.

It just was way to clingy. There was no guessing where all my butt and thigh creases were….the skirt showed them proudly. 😦 I love this color, so I never got rid of it. As my sewing skills improved I’ve been eying this skirt. I finally have the skill to fix it!

I started off with the skirt, and an old tshirt that had the front with about 50 moth holes. The back was fine, plus I love the print.


My too small skirt was a sight a aline, made out of a knit fabric


I snagged a coordinating shirt from my repurpose stash

1. I laid the skirt out and cut the side seams off.
2. I cut a strip of newspaper the size I wanted my seam enlarging strips to be, pinned it to the shirt, and cut it out.
3. I pinned a strip to the skirt (front sides together). Be very careful not to stretch the fabric.
4. Using a zig zag stitch, sew your fabric together.  DO NOT STRETCH THE FABRIC. I had to do my first seam 3x. If you stretch it, it puckers!!!! Repeat until your skirt is sewn shut. Start and end each seam with a little back stitch to help it stay in place
*To save time, I cut the shirt, keeping the original hem to not have to mess with hemming it.*


My first strip sewn on!

4. Using an iron, turn the skirt wrong side out and open the seams. Steam the seams flat.
5. Try it on….and presto! Hopefully it fits. 😉
Side note…after I wore it, I had to add an extra folded panel to make it stronger at the waist.


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