Home made crayons

Do you have Littles in your life? I do! I’m a daycare teacher, and I have roughly 10 kids I deal with every Tuesday-Friday. My Co teacher and I have to come up with art for them to do. Sometimes it is involved, other times…not so much. (Ahem, coloring…but hey! It’s practice they need to get sometime.)
One of the other classes got the center started on a crayon making kick. I’ve seen it done before. I have one hanging on my fridge one of my students made a few years ago. Being the follower I am in art (I am not a naturally creative person…..pinterest just makes me seem crafty)


Homemade crayons...wohoo!

They are very simple to make, and the kids love it. It doesn’t take many supplies. All you really need is a muffin tin and crayons! Any of the other supplies are optional. 🙂

To make crayons you will need:
-Muffin tin
-bowl of warm water
-knife and cutting board


Peeling the crayons....before I learned the.bowl trick

1. Remove paper
There are two ways to remove the paper. The first is to peel the paper off one by one. The other is to put the crayons in the bowl of warm water. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then put your hand in the water and move all the crayons. The labels will practically fall off. It’s so simple!


Crayons after being broken

2. Break crayons
Cut (using the knife and cutting board) or break using your brute strength. 😉


Crayons arranged in a straight pattern

3. Arrange.
In your muffin tins, arrange the crayons in the pattern you choose. Experiment with colors!


Baked crayons are now melted down

4. Bake
Pop them into a 350 oven until they melt. Depending on how full you fill it, it may take between 10-30 minutes.


Cooled crayons

5. Cool
Let the crayons cool, then pop the tray like you would an ice tray. And voila….crayons!


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