B is for Baby Shower!


Whew. I survived! I hosted my first baby shower! I could not have pulled this shower off without the help of the fabulous Kim!

She is a plexus ambassador, check out her website here!


I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to pull it off…but it turned out! I was unprepared for the amount of work a diaper cake takes. Someone asked me how I made it. I told them, “with blood, sweat, and tears.” Seriously. I wasn’t sure what I was doing and the internet made it look easy. (Now that I understand the process, I could make another one easily. I just had to understand it lol)


I should have kept better track of what I spent. I pulled it off for around $80. My food was simple, and I asked family members to bring a dessert. Personally, I made a layered cookies and cream cake (get the recipe here), and super easy salsa chicken rollups. I also provided the punch and water. One of my amazing friends, Cindy from Lockhart Cakes made cupcakes with A and elephants (mommy’s little peanut was the theme) made out of chocolate. They were delicious!


Part of my gift was clothes,but to cut down on my decor costs, I incorporated them into the decorations. This shower was.for my niece, and her name will be Ariel. The sign says “please sign your name and address and put it in the basket for a raffle!” The envelopes and matching cards were given to Eliana so she didn’t have to round up all those addresses. Trust me….it’s not fun.


Prizes don’t have to break the bank! Kim and I put together nail kits with polish remover, polish, files, hand cream, cuticle sticks. From what I saw, the ladies loved it. We played blindfolded diaper challenge, what’s on your phone (a variation of what’s in your purse), and had the envelope raffle. While Eliana opened her gifts, every time a gift that had pink in it was opened, the prize box went 2 to the left. Whoever it ended up with got to keep it. It was.fun hearing, “pink!!!!!” 🙂
I discovered the key to an affordable shower is look at what your have. The tablecloths, crates, tulle, and ribbon were mine. That eliminated an expense right off the bat. I made these bows out of tissue paper. We used one of the churches comfortable nursing chairs and side tables for right in front of it, so the taped bottom was hidden. 😉


And that is my friends, is what made me lose my mind this week. After all was said and done, it seemed to have gone well. 🙂
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