Thrifty Thursday #3


For today’s thrifty thursday, I am going to give you a grocery list and menu board tutorial. All you need is a picture frame, paint, a sharpie, and pretty paper. I had an old menu board that needed to be updated, so I snagged him for this project.

He was cute when he started,  but that blue latex paint didn’t hold up to being cleaned. Bummer, but not really since it gave me a chance to remake it.



Step 1: Take apart your frame until all you have is the wooden border. I needed to sand down some of the uneven parts from before the blue paint. (Yes. I failed.) Then I painted it. I happened to have some grey chalk paint on hand. Do a double coat, allow it to dry between coats.
Step 2: If you have a brand new frame, skip this step. That blue marker is sharpie. I used rubbing alcohol to remove the sharpie, but the black is oil based marker. It’s stuck, currently. I also had to clean up the glass. It was smudged and slightly grimy.
Step 3: Using a sharpie, make the design you want on the glass. I already had it on there, so I just left it alone.
Step 4: Put your pretty paper in the frame. You could just add the paper as is (that was what I did originally), or, you could use the paper to create a frame of sorts.



Step 5: reassemble your frame. I saved the cardboard to help the paper not warp with time. It’s been 2 years and it still is chugging along!


Voila! Your Thrifty Thursday repurpose is complete!


2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday #3

  1. Love this idea and your result! I’ve seen different versions of this before, but I love the suggestion of using craft paper for the background and to help divide up sections. You’ve inspired me to do a board like this to go in our new house- so thanks! : )


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