Brazil Meets America!

This is a very special blog post, and I am so excited to share this! My lovely sister from Brazil meets America has agreed to let me interview her. I will say the conversation went something like this. “Hey, Becca, write a post for my blog?”
“But I don’t plan my meals and I’m moving!”
“Hey, let’s interview each other!!!!”

without further ado, allow me to introduce my amazing diy, English teacher, pug owning sister! (Psst….I have an interview posted over there)


Becca is the unsmiling redhead and I'm the blonde ready to cry.

Hey! My name is Rebecca Reis, AKA Rachel’s sister… both originally known as the Smith Girls! We grew up in Brazil, but I was the only sister of three who stayed to live in Brazil. During that time I met my husband Alexandre and got married, Therefore, the name of my blog: Brazil Meets America!

1.What inspired you to start Brazil Meets America?
Right before I got married I was so full of ideas and wedding inspiration that I decided to make a personal life blog just to be able to express myself and also share my life with my American family in the States!

2. What’s your greatest DIY victory?


The chair in question is that white one 🙂

I believe my greatest DIY victory would have to be an arm chair that my sister and I upholstered. It was grubby and yucky and we switched the material to a beautiful jacquard- it looked amazing!

3. What’s your worst DIY fail?
Hahahhaa.. ooops. Ok. My worst DIY fail was when I tried to make a breakfast tray for someone and spray painted it white and for some reason it got all sticky and horrible and nasty. Needless to say, I just threw it away.


4. Will Brazil Meets America be seeing changes as you move countries?


Guess who got his greencard!!! Woot!

The name Brazil Meets America was chosen because I am an American living in Brazil. Now that we are moving to the States, I will try to show the Brazilian’s view of living in the States. Deep down, we all know I am American AND Brazilian and there is no way anyone can take either country out of me.

5. What is the Dukan Diet and why are you a strong advocate of it?

The Dukan Diet is an all protein diet interspersed with days where you eat vegetables. Fruits and Carbs of any kind are prohibited. I like the Dukan Diet for giving a kick start to dieting and getting you in the mood for weight loss because you see a quick return. Now, I don’t think it is a good long term diet… but for about 2 or 3 months, it is ok.

6. What is your favorite kitchen gadget
My favorite kitchen gadget? I am not sure if it is considered a kitchen gadget… but my coffee maker:D I use it about 4 or 5 times a day and it has never let me down. 12 cup oster coffee maker. The best ever.

7. Do you have a go to cookbook? 
Nowadays I just look up everything online, but for certain recipes, like chocolate chip cookies or anything related.. I have a Betty Crocker Cookbook that my mom gave to all three sisters. It is an older version so it doesn’t ask for canned or boxed anything, all normal ingredients.

8. What was the hardest part about pulling off your diy wedding?

Hhahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahhaahahahahahahahaha. Ok. Enough. The hardest part about my DIY yourself wedding were the cultural differences with my inlaws. It is not normal to DIY for your wedding in Brazil, usually you pay for everything to be done for you instead of doing it yourself. My biggest argument was with the cookies and cupcake table because everyone thought it was insane. In the end it all worked out ok, but there were a lot of discussions/arguments until right before the wedding.

9. What advice would you give to other bloggers?
Well, I am not a well known blogger, I blog mostly for family and friends who live abroad, which is why I blog in English when I live in Brazil:D I think the only advice I could give is to be real. Speak as you normally would, talk about topics that interest YOU and make it fun for you!

10. Do you have any thrifty tips?

Thrifty tips for Brazil? HA! Almost impossible. I have been known to find great sales for Brazil. Things here are outrageously expensive. But shoes I buy for 70% off, clothes I have found with 50% to 90% discount. I am now choosing to buy name brand clothes instead of just anywhere because I prefer to buy FEWER clothes that last LONGER than clothes that only last a year or two. Here in Brazil I know which Brazilian brands are good or not. I usually shop for clothes at Zara, Hering, and Basic. At bigger stores like Riachuello, CeA, Marisa (rarely) I pick and choose to find the good stuff but end up not buying there so often either because I don’t often find good quality clothes. For lingerie I only shop at Aimê because I still have sets from when I got married three years ago that are brand new and I use them all the time. I used to buy some sets for everyday at Marisa, but they weren’t as nice and didn’t last a year, so I have given up on that.  For shoes I only buy at Queen Shoes because they sell brands like Schutz, Arrezzo, and others. I want to try a new brand.. but to pay 300 or more on a shoe… I have never had the courage. So yeah, for finding good sales here in Brazil you need to pass by the store with a certain frequency, because when a GOOD sale happens, you are there and you find it. Things run out quickly when the sale is REALLY good.


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