Thrifty Thursday

I’m a thrifty shopper. Well, at least I try. I do some odd things to save money. I thought I’d share some of the normal and the not so normal.
1. I don’t usually buy paper towels.

No paper towels?  Yupp,  that’s right. I hate how expensive they are and unless you buy the really expensive ones, they fall apart. Instead,  I use rags. (Click on the link, it will take you to one’s I love to use.) If it gets dirty, rinse it out, dry it out. Boom. Ready to go again. I toss the rags in with my laundry. It saves me money and valuable storage space.
2. I buy my pantry basics in bulk.
Flour, sugar,  baking soda, oatmeal, and brown sugar are all much cheaper in bulk. I make pancakes,  English muffins,  quick breads,  cakes,  and frosting from scratch.  Sometimes I have to use store bought mixes if I can get them for cheaper with coupons.  I freeze my leftover pancakes and waffles. boom…..homemade eggo waffles.
3. I coupon.


$100 worth of groceries. I paid $33

This is probably my biggest grocery budget saver. I use coupons to keep our grocery budget down. It’s extremely helpful. For example,  I got 4 bottles of body wash that should have been 3.99 each for 1.33 each.
In the scheme of things,  that just saved me money. I go to my stockpile and choose from there instead of running to the store.
4. I use cash.
When I made the switch from debit to cash my overspending came to a screeching halt almost overnight. When you’re out of cash,  you’re done spending. It is far too easy to use a card and pull from other funds.  So I use cash.

I hope these ideas have given you some ideas of things you can implement in your household. Best of luck!


3 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday

  1. Love these ideas! I’ve been meaning to make the switch from paper towels to rags. I also like to make bread, etc from scratch. I didn’t think about freezing the waffles and pancakes though!


  2. I don’t buy paper towels either. My family thinks I am crazy but I swear they promote messes, we use rags to clean up messes but when we have paper towels we seem to make twice the mess, and those things just go too fast.

    I should really get into couponing, especially for those non perishable items and toiletries.

    Great list!

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