My life as a pinterest hacker

Not really hacker. But I do specialize in trying out pinterest hacks. Some of them work, some of them don’t. Some are weird, some are simple. My wedding was a total pinterest hack lol. I had a tulle wall with twinkle lights behind it, the crates were taken from pinterest,  and even my.color choices originated on pinterest.

Granted, the blue got tweaked (ahem, completely changed) because my husband looked awful in the blue I had chosen. My house is also pinterest inspired. I am building my household binder, thanks to pinterest. So when my husband decided we should do something for a friend’s birthday I naturally offered to make a cake. So we are having an impromptu celebration for two of our friends.

Payday is not until Tuesday, but the party is Sunday night. After a minor freak out, I remembered something I’d seen on pinterest about dressing up store bought frosting. I had powdered sugar, but no where near enough for a full recipe. Armed with my dollar tree jar of frosting I tried it out.  I started off with some absolutely vile frosting that I would never serve.&nbsp
I sifted my powdered sugar with a fork to get rid of lumps. I added it to my frosting and beat it with the mixer until smooth. I then added in cream cheese and vanilla. It was a little strong on the cream cheese side so I added more frosting until I got the right consistency.


Cream cheese, powdered sugar, and a can of frosting

I am actually very impressed with this hack. While browsing pinterest waiting for the cakes to cool, I searched for filling. And then….eureka! Cookies and creme. I crumbled oreos into a large dollop of frosting. I can’t wait to serve this cake!


Oreos and frosting. Delicious.



Pinterest Hack Frosting
1 jar store bought frosting
Powdered sugar
8 oz cream cheese
1/2 to 1 tsp vanilla
In a mixing bowl, mix frosting and powdered sugar. Add sugar by 1/4 cups until desired consistency is reached. If it over thickens, add water or milk by the tablespoon. A little will go a long way. After the first 1/4 cup,  beat in the softened cream cheese and vanilla. Continue adding powdered sugar/water until it reaches the consistency you want.
For filling:
Crush 4 oreos. Add frosting by the spoonful until it has the cookie to frosting ratio you want to eat…I mean serve. 🙂

**in case you are wondering, the links below are from fabulous blogs that hosted linky party’s. Check them out!


Eat Drink and Be Mary


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