Into to my classroom!

These past two weeks have been quite the whirlwind! I unfortunately haven’t done much baking/cooking/living, but I have gotten alot of work done in my classroom!

My classroom went from kind of sad to cheerful and homey!

Empty Classroom

Another view for empty classroom

This is my good work board. When a child does a good job, they get their paper put up on the board for the other kids and the parents to see.

Work to Tweet Over

This is my classroom. As you can see it’s long and narrow, with lots of doors. Seven doors….just in case you were wondering.


I struggle with teaching kids how to stand in line. In order to help them (and me!) have a visual of how far apart they should be, I taped construction paper to the floor. After a week and a half, I’ll take away all but the line leaders paper. Another week and a half later, I’ll take away all the papers. Voila! A trained class. In theory, that is.


This is my “coat closet.” We don’t have a true one, so I made it out of command hooks. It’s right when they walk in, so they don’t have to traipse across my classroom with unwieldy backpacks.


And, this is the board that kind of sets the theme for my room. This month’s theme is the K4 nest. Birds, birds, birds. My little birds didn’t turn out as cute as the ones I saw in my head, but I still like them. Image

My calendar makes me smile. It’s cute!


When the kids come in, they are supposed to check the good morning board. It has instructions for what to do when they come in. Sorry it’s blurry, but the monsters are still cute.


Anyways, That’s the highlights from my classroom. I am so excited for Tuesday to get here and get to know all my munchkins. 😀


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