Just Gorgeous!


Needless to say, Washington state is lovely. My one week vacation has turned into a month long stay, but I’ve enjoyed it. Camp Gilead is beautiful, the people, are great…and may I just say they have the best food ever! Chocolate cake, raspberry thumbprint cookies, smores, chicken divan, and jo-jos….Sigh. This is the life. Swimming, boating, gutterball, ga-ga pit, and all sorts of activites for the campers to do. It’s so much fun to be up here!


We made a pit stop at Kidd Valley for garlic fries. They were….the bomb! But I’m willing to bet most of the general population could locate me by the horrible garlic breath it left!


Camp has an adorable little train for the kids to ride on. It seriously has to be the cutest thing ever. According to the camp director, it’s been here since he was a kid! It’s at least 48 years old….not that we’re aging him or anything.


Snoqualmie Falls was beautiful. We didn’t have time to hike or anything, but…..it was still pretty.

ImageGutterball seems to be one of the popular games. I still have not played it, or figured out what it’s all about. It at least deserved a picture though, for all the times I’ve heard campers yell, “Race you to the gutterball table!”


As gorgeous as it is up here, I’m glad to finally be headed home. 🙂



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