Day ten: My Most Embarrassing Moment

Well, today, I’m supposed to be sharing my most embarrassing moment.

When I was in my early teen and extremely awkward years, I went to camp in a city 13 hours away. It rained consistently that week. Now, I was not the skinniest teenager. Ok. I was plump. Fine! Fat. I was fat. 

Anyways, at this camp I went to, capture the flag was the game we all played. I got really good at it. As time went on, we found new places to play. We decided that the side of a hill would be perfect! Because it was muddy and rainy, we were playing without our shoes. 

After some hemming and hawing, I made a run for our flag. I was almost there, the flag was almost in my hand when the unthinkable happened. I slipped. My mud-caked feet had no traction. During that time, I also wore coolottes. Coolottes, that were water logged, and had bad elastic. Coolottes….that didn’t stay up-and pulled my undies down with it! 

So there I was, fat, covered in mud, with a very white bottom showing. Humiliated, I pulled my pants up, and ran back to my cabin.

I avoid things with elastic like the plague now…..and mud. I definitely avoid mud. 



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