The day six flub.

I had just finished typing and proofreading my day six post….when…..*poof!* The whole thing vanished. I’ve checked my drafts and everything. It’s…completely gone! So, that is why this post is late.

Day six: The challenge is to answer the question “What do you do?” Here is the catch…answer it without your job.

I guess you could say I’m a fill in mom. I spend most days doing fun things with three year old. We go to the mall and he plays in the play areas, and we go the the park. He loves to read! Some days we end up at the library, or read every single book he owns several times.  We do crazy things, and sometimes he has to do things he doesn’t like-naps, baths, and putting on underwear. For some reason he really isn’t a fan of any of those.

When his parents get off work, I head home to make dinner, do the dishes and crash on the couch. Not very eventful, but restful thankfully. Life as a nanny is far from boring. Sometimes hard, sometimes fun, sometimes insane. But I love it.

Day Seven is things that scare me.

Well, there are things that scare me that are legitimate, like being raped or dying in a freak accident, or getting cancer. Then…there are things that are silly that terrify me.

1. I am completely terrified that one day, I’m going to get up to speak in front of a crowd, and discover that my dress is hooked into my slip, and my panties are showing! How horrible would that be? To have my skivvies exposed to all of humanity. What if they don’t match? It’s a horrible scenario!

2. Or…or what if the cat throws up on me while I’m sleeping? To wake up covered in regurgitated kitty food. Oh, gracious. He’d be an outdoor kitty.

3. And my greatest irrational fear….frogs.

When I was little, my dad told my mom to go get the car keys for him. She told him to wait. He kept pushing and pushing. Finally, she’d had enough. Irritated, she marched over to her purse, opened it, and got the car keys out. Then she froze, thought about what she saw, and started screaming. My father had caught a giant bullfrog and put it in her purse. Why he thought it was a good idea, I really don’t know. He is still alive, just for the record.

Ever since then, I have not been able to deal with frogs. Getting one caught in my hair helped that fear along, too.

What about you? Do you have any irrational fears?


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