Max, shouting, and bikinis.

Today’s topic is things that makes me uncomfortable…Here we go, y’all!

1. The MAX

Here in Portland we have the MAX, or Metropolitan Area Express. It’s a Light Rail, or as I call it, the above ground subway. It’s just simpler. But it isn’t the MAX itself that makes me uncomfortable. It’s the people. I swear, the people who take the MAX at the same time as me are thugs! Flat out thugs! (Except for that nice lady that I met today). There was that druggie last week, and then there was the guy who asked if Mansfield Park (a classic by Jane Austen) was a porn book! I was speechless at that one. Someone tried to sell me drugs, and I very politely said no thanks. I have no idea what they are thinking, but the MAX makes me very uncomfortable.

2. Yelling mothers

I know that sometimes it is necessary to discipline your children, but do you have to flat out yell at them? There was a lady who was calling her 3 year old all sorts of nasty names, and was saying she was going to sell her if she didn’t obey. And then there was the one who was threatening to not feed her kid for the rest of the day (it was 9 AM). Plus, what do you do? Look the other way? Yell back? Or…just be uncomfortable….

3. People who wander around in bikinis

I’m not talking about in a beach town, that’s to be expected. But, there are those people that when it’s barely warm enough for shorts! I mean, if you are a model, ok. I just don’t like seeing everyone’s everything jiggling when they walk. So uncomfortable….


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