For those of us far from home….

I’ll be home for Christmas….. If only in my dreams. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas. It’s all about Jesus birth and coming into the world as a tiny baby. It makes you think about his life, that time as a little boy, how Mary must have felt, and it all culminates on Calvary. An amazing time of year. Astonishing, really.

On the flip side…. It’s a family holiday. I love Oregon. I saw snow! And there’s eggnog in the states. Making Christmas cookies. Don’t get me wrong… the family I live with has adopted me. I love them to death for it. I still miss my own family, alot. The Christmas tea, baking, caroling, handing out goodies to the neighbors. Knowing I’m surrounded by people that HAVE to accept me, even when I screw up. The movies will be familiar, and most of all, we’ll have my mom’s apple pie. 

For all of you, who like me, have grown up and moved on, have a Merry Christmas. My Christmas will be different…. But it will still be fun and surrounded by close friends. I hope you, too, are enveloped by those who care about you this Christmas season.


1 thought on “For those of us far from home….

  1. haha you only missed a lot of crazy heat.. mom and dad won’t leave the doors open or buy fans so we had three fand for the whole freaking house and about 15 people there and teh stove was turned on.. yeah, it was hot. Later I’ll post pics up for you to see:) Just ignore all the greasy looking faces!


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