The Birthday Party

Well, my best friend/roommate’s brother turned 26. Me and D decided to host a party. Sorta secret, but that’s hard when he lives in our garage. So, we plotted and planned, and all his friends bailed. But his grandparents showed up. And someone we didn’t invite. But, that is life. Roll with the punches, I guess. I used recipes I started testing out right about the time I got my blog. We had greasy tacos (a tradition of their family’s), and raspberry tea.

Then the birthday “cake” ended up being hot chocolate cupcakes, snickerdoodle cupcakes, and pumpkin pie tarts with whipped cream.

Tim made a wish and in one breath blew all 26 candles out at once. I was afraid he might pass out or something. Her dad was not paying attention to what we were serving, until all of the sudden he lunges (no joke) for the plate and yells, “you didn’t tell me there were snickerdoodle one’s!!!!” Have I mentioned yet he loves those? Anyways, happy birthday to Tim, and yay for cupcakes!


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