Pork CHOPPED!!!!

Chopped is my all time favorite cooking show. It’s one of those elimination style cooking show. It has three rounds. An appetizer, entree, and then a dessert round. You start off with four contestants. Each contestant gets a mystery basket with four mystery ingredients. Each round they must use all the mystery ingredients. At the end of the round, one contestant goes home. Winner gets ten thousand bucks.

All this to say, I love chopped.  I’m watching it while I search for recipes. Aha!!! Here is where the pork comes in! I need something creative and juicy to do with pork chops. My mom always served them plain. I didn’t care for them cause they were always so dry! Having to drink a gulp of water for every bite is just not appealing. My friend Christy on  A Pensacola Cook has an amazing recipe that I want to try, but unfortunately I had citrus this week already and can’t do that again. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be glad to see them!!!


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