The dreary, gloomy, perfect day!

Happy voting citizens of the United States!!!! This is my second time voting, due to a bunch of mix-ups with the voting, but my first time voting in any presidential election. That said, what is it with rain and election day? The last time I voted, I ended up soaking wet, and dripping all over my ballot. My sticker barely stuck to my poor drenched phone. This year, it’s been threatening all day. I didn’t know that in Oregon you just drove somewhere and stuck your ballot in a box in a parking lot. Also, we didn’t get stickers! I was falling into a mini depression over that fact in the passenger seat of the truck. Then, out of nowhere, we pulled into a Dutch Bros and her dad treated us to dutch bros. If you don’t know what that is, think starbucks, but only drive thrus and with free stickers. It made my dreary moment, caffeinated and cheery.

I’m sitting in the den and every time I glance outside, the recurring theme is grey. Ya know… like the color. But… there is a way to make it….

I grabbed a cup of coffee in a cheery yellow coffee cup, with a sleepy golden retriever named Abby falling asleep at my feet, while my best friend is pretending to not be sleeping on the couch, and her dad randomly spouting off election results. I’m looking through my new cookbook that I bought. I bought it because it had a bunch of recipes for scones. Here is why it caught my attention:

It’s so pretty and cheery–that and it was only $8. I can’t wait to make some scones recipes. I like them! Anyways, I’m going to enjoy the rest of this lovely day. 🙂


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