Chocolate, Mushrooms, and Jam

Wait!!! Don’t scream. They aren’t in the same recipe. They’re in 3, actually. 3 amazing, delectable, and spunky recipes (in that order).

Amazing: Mushrooms

Daina had dinner duty. We started off making dinner together, but it’s kinda morphed into one person picks and executes the recipe, with the other person being an assistant cook. She made a delicious beef stroganoff. There was only one problem. We love mushroom. Her father hates them. It was a crock pot recipe, so we needed to get it in there. Our solution: chop those suckers up!!! And guess what–her dad had seconds and said he liked it. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him…. right?

Delectable: Brigadeiros

Briga whats??? Brigadeiros, silly. Ok. How about some pictures?

Isn’t it yummy? My friends describe it as fudge, but it isn’t solid, it’s gooey and delectable and oh so yummy. It is a food served on birthdays and special occasions back home in Brazil. It’s a simple recipe, but hard to explain. I would just not, but the world must know about these!!!!

1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 tbsp margarine or butter
2 tbsp cocoa power

Get a pan that’s bigger than you think you need it. Just trust me on this one.  Dump all the ingredients into the pan. (Please be careful when you lick the condensed milk can! Oh, don’t give me that look. It’s goodness in a can.)
Take a deep breath, here is where it gets tricky. Put the pan on high heat. Stir constantly, even if you think your arm is going to fall off. (it won’t, it’s securely attached.) It will be all bubbly, and the color of milk chocolate. Continue stirring until it leaves the edges of the pan and sticks to itself. Chill until you can touch it long enough to roll it. Slather butter all over your hands, then roll them into nice little balls. (don’t forget it’s ok to lick your hands when you’re done.) Roll the finished balls in chocolate sprinkles, and voila! Cute little yumminess.

Spunky: Raspberry Crescents
Ok, so these don’t have anything to do with crescent rolls except for their shape. But, hey, you try naming a recipe! It started as an idea from Pillsbury that I liked but it got horrible reviews. So i changed it alot. But, it morphed into a make again recipe.

1 pie crust
4 oz cream cheese
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 c raspberry jam

Preheat the oven to 350. Roll out the pie crust carefully so it doesn’t rip. (Cause trust me, the filling will leak our and explode all over your cookie sheet!) In a small bowl mix the sugar with the cream cheese. Putting it in the microwave for ten seconds makes it easier to stir. Spread it as evenly as possible on the pie crust. (Side note, just in case your cream cheese is stronger than mine, it should have a sweet taste to it, but you should be able to taste the bite of the cream cheese.) Microwave the jam for ten seconds as well. Stir it carefully (cause splattering jam on your favorite shirt would be devastating!). Spread it on the cream cheese. Cut it with a pizza cutter into 8 pieces.
Roll them up as cutely as humanly possible and gently place each thingy on a greased cookie sheet. Sprinkle sugar on top of each piece of cuteness. (feelin like a fairy yet?) Slide the whole thing into the oven for 20 minutes. When they come out, let them cool for 5 minutes. Then, serve them and enjoy. (I sure did!)


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