Beach trip! (no sand required)

We decided to randomly go to Depoe Bay for a weekend. The forecast was rather gloomy, predicting rain on our lovely little trip. Good thing we didn’t let that stop us from going. It rained the whole way to the beach, and the whole way back, but our actual visit there was beautiful weather.


Apparently Depoe Bay, OR has the smallest natural navigable harbor in the world. Cool, huh! This is the bay.


This seagull was staring at a man eating a bagel. With every bite the man took, the bird looked more upset. I was amused when he flew away, obviously sulking. The man was completely oblivious to the entire scenario.


We visited Yaquina Head and Yaquina Bay lighthouses. The first one is pictured above. At 93 feet, it is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon. It was taken over by the Coast Guard and is still operated that way today. I got a button for climbing all the way to the top. The only additions made to the lighthouse was it was wired for electricity, and in order to make it safe for tourists, extra supports were added to the stairs.

Not much cooking this weekend, but the beach/bay was worth it!


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